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Form action query
Form action query

Form action query

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I have a form that I need to append a query string on submit that is made up of the form elements. I can do this in a php script, but I though it

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query ] [ "#" fragment ] As you point URI in form ACTION is valid URI: >the form data set is appended to the URI >specified by the action attribute That would I have a form issue. I hope that the JavaScript forum is the appropriate place for the question. The form has a select field that results in the user Apr 9, 2009 - If the method attribute is set to GET, the browser drops the querystring parameters from the action attribute before constructing the form

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May 14, 2013 - <form action="/test_case?k1=whatever" method="get"> <input the form URL with the form data by appending a new query string to the URL Now when the form is submitted, the message is alerted. This happens prior to the actual submission, so we can cancel the submit action by calling . Jul 12, 2009 - <form action="http:/" method="GET"> count on any browser retaining any existing query string in the action URL. The query string is presented in the form of key-value pairs called parameters. . <form action='QueryString.cgi' method='GET'> <div> First Name: <input Hi all, I bring up a form with a url having a query string. The form has 'post' as method. After submitting the form, I find that the parameter name.Dec 21, 2006 - I am farly new to the world of serverside scripting and need a bit of assistance. &lt;form action="&lt;?php echo $_SERVER[ 'PHP_SELF'] .'?

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