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Flash if else statement on release
Flash if else statement on release

Flash if else statement on release

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A simple tutorial that shows how you can change width, height, x, y, rotation, scale, transpanency, alpha, visible properties by action scripting a button using if

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Aug 29, 2006 - Learn how to use if and else statements to branch your code based on true or The operators you can use in Flash and what they do are listed Using an IF statement linked to a button to verify text typed in one box (input You need Adobe Flash Player Apr 7, 2011 - When one of these is released, change switch its variable to "true". Then the if statements in your check should look something like this:

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Learn how to add logic to your Flash movies using AS3 Conditionals. It is possible to extend it by using an else and an else if statements. We will explore - How to use if else conditional statements in Actionscript and Flash CS6. The The condition could be any valid statement that the Flash player could consider as true if (condition){ statements to be executed if condition is satisfied; } else { Not a problem, you can have as many nested if's as you want. But do try to avoid nesting to many if statements, since it will make your code lessYou use the following syntax in an if..else if statement: You want to use an if..else if block in your Flash projects when you need to check a series of conditions.

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